Addiction Recovery in South Africa

We offer links to substance abuse & addiction related resources and websites. Alter provides free access to the best rehabs in Johannesburg & includes a comprehensive listing of treatment centres for alcohol and drug abuse from all around the nine provinces of South Africa.
Substance abuse has become an epidemic problem in South Africa and extends through all levels of society. There are a number of alcohol and drug rehab site, organizations and services ready to help you in your time of need.

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Suffering from a substance abuse problem or know of somebody that who is? Please contact the following addiction treatment centres before it’s too late. You will find all the help you need to beat addiction and live your life.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a very real part of life for thousands of South Africans. The sad thing is that there are even more South Africans struggling with substance abuse and addiction that is unable or unwilling to get help.

We are here to help! If you are addicted to any form of drug or alcohol or if you have a loved one who is addicted to substances, we want to help. No matter where you are situated, we will be able to direct you to a drug or alcohol treatment centres close to you.

Treatment centres are designed to assist substance addicts in overcoming their addictions. There are a large number of drug rehab centres around South Africa that specialize in addiction recovery including alcohol detox, drug detox, drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation.

The core of addiction recovery is getting the addict to understand that he/she has a problem and that there is help available for them. Addicts have to be told continuously that their situation is not hopeless and that there is a way forward for them in the form of addiction treatment.

At our treatment centres, we wish to assist all kinds of substance addicts and get them to understand that we are there for them throughout the entire process of addiction recovery. This process starts from intervention right through to the end of the rehabilitation program. A lot of work goes into treatment centres and there are dedicated staff members on duty at all times to run and oversee the recovery centres and the addiction treatment programs that is offered on a daily basis.

Addiction is not the end of the road! You can overcome any addiction. In addition to the addiction treatment programs offered at drug and alcohol rehab centres, there are also specific treatment programs for people who suffer from eating disorders and who suffer from a gambling addiction. Eating disorders are just as serious as drug and alcohol addictions as it can just as easily take a life. Gambling addictions are a little easier to deal with as lives are not necessarily at stake. However, all addictions are viewed in a serious light and dealt with accordingly.

Treatment centres have increased over the years and with the increased numbers came an increase in qualified treatment centre employees. This means that there are now a treatment centre in all major cities and even regional areas around South Africa. There is no excuse anymore not to go for treatment. The aim of all treatment centres is to provide assistance in the form of alcohol and drug treatment programs as well as detox and rehabilitation programs.